A bunch of people in green tracksuits and white shoes stand behind a pink line.


The spin-off competition series returns the addictive show to our screens.

Photograph by Pete Dadds
15 November 20234 min read

2021’s Squid Game knocked on our doors in its green-and-white, numbered tracksuit and quickly made itself comfortable in the world’s living room. Enter neon pink guard uniforms at Halloween. Enter dalgona candy. Enter six Emmy wins

Beyond these physical manifestations in the zeitgeist, the dramatic series made a lasting impact on viewers drawn in by its premise: What would you do for 45.6 billion won? 

Now, everyday people get a chance at a 4.56-million-dollar prize in Squid Game: The Challenge. Living in the same dorms as the drama’s contestants — and participating in many of the same challenges — the new reality show follows the same premise as the original: Only one of the 456 contestants will outlast the others to win the jackpot, which, yes, hangs from the ceiling in a transparent piggy bank, growing as the population dwindles. The major difference between Squid Game and Squid Game: The Challenge? In the new series, when a player is eliminated, they get to keep on living. Whew! 

Squid Game: The Challenge also tests contestants in other ways. People old and young, from different corners of the globe and walks of life, form alliances and bond over the course of the show, and, like in Squid Game, every elimination puts these new relationships to the test. Who will survive the initial game of Red Light, Green Light? Who will persevere until the end? Who will betray their new best friend? What would you do for 4.56 million dollars?