The Nada Que Ver podcast host gives one-line reviews for his favorite Mexican films on Netflix.

Javier Ibarreche eats popcorn in a colorful room.

Javier Ibarreche's Queue

10 August 20222 min read

Ya no estoy aquí (2019)

Javier's review:

"It's not a conventional story, but it's really touching and painful."

Three characters from Ya no estoy aquí stand against a mountain range by a black car.

Ya no estoy aquí

Chicuarotes (2019)

Javier's Review:

"Gael García is as good directing as acting!"

A character from Chicuarotes sits in the back of the bus in a joker-esque outfit.


Güeros (2014)

Javier's Review:

"Tenoch Huerta shows why he deserves an important place in Hollywood."

Three dimly-lim characters from Güeros sit on dark steps.


Noche de fuego (2021)

Javier's Review:

"It seems like a story we have seen, but it keeps happening. We've never seen it with such honesty."

Two characters from Noche de fuego stand behind a window of a cement wall.

Noche de fuego

Una película de policías (2021)

Javier's Review:

"I thought nothing would be able to humanize the police, but this movie does it."

A cop from Una película de policías rummages through some tchotchkes on a white shelf.

Una película de policías