Chrishell Stause of Selling Sunset

The Selling Sunset star shares her would-be last meal and who’s at the table.

Illustration by Barry Falls
6 December 20213 min read

I know this is silly, but I love breakfast — it’s my favorite meal. I know when everyone says “Last Supper,” you think of dinner food, but I would like to have a really incredible breakfast menu as my last meal. I would have pancakes, mimosas — we’ve got to go with Veuve —a waffle bar, eggs, all that stuff. Who doesn’t like breakfast food? 

I would absolutely love to have my mom and dad there, along with all my family. We would always tease my mom because while her cooking wasn’t always my favorite, she really did love to cook. My mom’s favorite dish to make for breakfast was something she would call “campfire breakfast.” We all kind of hated it because it was just one of those things where you put everything in the pan all at once and cook it all together. The idea is when you’re at a campfire, you only have one pan. So I think, to honor my mom, I would also have to do a little side of campfire breakfast. My dad would want a steak and some mashed potatoes. My mom and dad were just meat-and-potatoes kinds of people, so they would love that.

My favorite dessert of all time, which is hard to find, is pineapple upside down cake. I also really like strawberry shortcake, made from fresh strawberries, obviously. So those two cakes are on the dessert menu. And there are just so many fun drinks to pair. I haven’t been back to the Kentucky Derby in a while, but I do love mint juleps. 

Chrishell Stause sits in a brown leather chair wearing a yellow flowered tank top.

Chrishell Stause

For my last supper, I’m definitely going to invite Elvis, Oprah, Beyoncé, and Pink. I would love to have Barack and Michelle Obama there as well. Of course I’d have to have some of the Selling Sunset peeps there — Jason, Brett, Mary, Amanza, Heather, and Maya. 

For music, well, I’m from the South, and Elvis is the King. What more is there to say? He has all types of music, and no matter what, you can find an Elvis song that would fit your mood. I think it would be sacrilegious to not be an Elvis-loving Southerner. It’s kind of a religion down there, and I just always loved Elvis so much. I’ve named all my dogs after him in some way or another. Right now, my dog’s name is Gracie — she’s named after Graceland. 

I would also probably put on something vibey. I mean, if Beyonce’s there and Pink is there, let’s have some of their music playing. We could throw in some Khalid, something that sets the mood. Everyone’s going to have fun. Nothing too serious.

You hear about these famous parties that happened on islands. So give us our own island. I think lighting and music is so important, and I’m very big on that. I hate when you walk in somewhere and it feels like a Target with the really bright overhead lights. I like really dim lights and candlelight, and I would do all kinds of blush and cream-colored peonies. I just think they’re so beautiful.