Devrim Lingnau as Empress Elisabeth of Austria brings glamour to the German series.

Opening Photograph by Thomas Schenk
The empress wears a white and green dress with a black bow.

The Empress

German series The Empress brings us an intriguing royal drama, based on the glamorous and extraordinary life of Empress Elisabeth of Austria. The series introduces us to the young Elisabeth, nicknamed “Sisi” by her family, who marries Emperor Franz Joseph I and rules alongside him as Empress of Austria from 1854 to 1898.

The rebellious teenage daughter of a Duke and a Princess of Bavaria, 16-year-old Elisabeth meets and falls in love with the dashing Emperor Franz of Austria, who asks for her hand a mere two days after they meet, stirring controversy. Soon Elisabeth is thrust into the eyes of the empire and struggles with the expectations of life on the throne in Vienna. 

The Empress is helmed by showrunner and writer Katharina Eyssen (Holiday Secrets), with impressive newcomer Devrim Lingnau dazzling as the young defiant Elisabeth. Lingnau brings a new take on the historical icon, and, alongside her leading man Philip Froissant as Franz, plays out an intoxicating romance with charm and passion. With magnetic performances, luxurious costumes, and intricately designed sets, The Empress will be your next royal obsession.