Nicole Byer, Olivia Munn, and Nasim Pedrad share their routines

We asked some familiar faces about their rituals. Their answers may surprise you.

Illustrations by Olivier Kugler
31 July 20202 min read
Nicole Byer from Nailed It!

When I wake up . . . I wonder if I truly have to get out of bed, but then I do, and I look at my phone and water my new plants.

When I have a day off . . . I swim and sleep and pole dance.

When I have a great idea . . . I have A.D.H.D., so if I don’t write it down then there is no idea.

When I get on an airplane . . . I wipe it the fuck down and get a vodka soda.

When I open up Netflix . . . I am delighted to see my face as an icon — ’cause that’s really fucking cool. It’s next level.

Olivia Munn from Love Wedding Repeat

When I wake up . . . I make my dogs breakfast. I’m getting my pet nutritionist license, so I make all their meals and try out new recipes.

When I see my family . . . we play board games, watch Star Wars, and make fun of each other relentlessly.

When I get on an airplane . . . I get my hot-water bottle filled up right away.

When I have a great idea . . . I put it into my notes on my phone and do nothing about it.

When I go to the movies . . . I get an extra-large Dr Pepper and nachos with jalapeños.

Nasim Pedrad from Desperados

When I wake up . . . I turn off my multiple backup alarms.

When I get on set . . . I try to figure out the snack situation.

When I have a day off . . . I convince my mom to come over and teach me how to cook her delicious Persian food!

When I see my family . . . I laugh with my sister over things my dad has said that week.

When I get on an airplane . . . I realize I didn’t bring the 1997 headphone adapter needed to watch movies. I stare straight ahead for the next five hours.